kilowatts Energy as a Service

KILOWATTS offers an one stop solution for renewable Energy System Integration (ESI) and innovation through smart energy management and cloud-based smart microgrid energy solutions.

Reliable, sustainable and affordable energy for everyone. The software, the knowledge and the experience to help you go green.

The challenge


The transition from fossil to sustainable energy sources has been initiated but must now be scaled up rapidly. This requires a much more flexible energy system and a fundamental rethinking of the value chain, market models and laws and regulations. Generating enough sustainable energy is not the problem. The biggest challenge lies in linking generation and consumption, balancing energy supply and energy demand in a much more flexible way.

Safety and security

The combustion of carbon-based fuels is the largest single source of carbon emissions. Traditional infrastructure is safe and reliable, but it cannot manage the unpredictable influx of electricity from renewable source. A decentralized energy infrastructure, where sustainable energy is generated, stored, transported and transformed locally is much more flexible. Such a system is called an Energy Island.


Energy must be accessible and affordable for everyone. However, designing, building and maintaining an entirely new energy infrastructure will require substantial investments. By balancing energy supply and demand, utilizing renewable energy in the most cost-effective way and leveraging the power of emerging technology like Artificial iIntelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning (M.L.), peer-to-peer trading (Blockchain), Augmented Reality (digitization of maintenance workflow and predictive maintenance) energy cost per unit will be comparable to fossil energy prices. This is what we call Energy as a Service (EaaS).

The solution

The Kilowatts (Energy as a Service) platform monitors and regulates the generation, storage, transportation and transformation of sustainable energy. It is a comprehensive suite of web and mobile applications that enables stakeholders (supplier, consumers, prosumer, investor, institutional, maintenance) to visualize their interests in an Energy Island. Energy Systems Integration (ESI) from inception to planning to execution (operation, monitoring/controlling) to completion. Project visualization and digitization of maintenance workflow. Financial and fiscal reconciliation and administration. And finally, it brings people and companies in the ESI community together.

Kilowatts – Let us bring it all together

We, at Kilowatts have been active in the energy sector for most of our professional lives. From heating, cooling and lighting to mobility fuels to communication and software design and implementation. Over 160 years of combined experience to help you make the transition from fossil fuels to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. Let us bring it all together!

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